Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Do You Grow Profits by Designing Offers for Target Markets?

Exceptional companies, in both revenues and profits, are not purely “customer-driven”. They instead target markets, and design offers for those markets, where they can leverage operational differences to compete from a position of strength.

How can companies stop losing money due to excessive price competition?

When many companies all pursue that same strategy simultaneously, most lose money due to excessive price competition. Convincing purchasing departments to help find win-win ways to serve customers more efficiently enables firms to grow more profitably.

Discover an alternative to the old “customer-driven” paradigm

During the Advantage-Based Marketing for Profitable Growth Keynote Presentation at the PPS 25th Annual Pricing Conference in Chicago, Lisa Thompson will teach attendees how to build price and discount structures that attract more profitable customers, and drive the high costs ones to competitors. Utilizing two decades of experience helping clients with their organic growth goals as well as increasing gross profits through better pricing, Lisa will discuss how to target the customers you can serve with competitive advantage.

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