Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Berlin Breakouts: A Wealth of Knowledge for You!

The Breakouts rounding out the 9th Annual European & Global Conference and Workshops in Berlin offer a more intimate setting for attendees to learn important skills.  Take advantage of these pricing experts’ knowledge on a variety of top of mind topics! 

On Thursday 5th of December, attendees will have the following options at these times :

14:00 Breakouts

Emotional Intelligence is Part of Pricing Science
Speaker: Jennifer Brown, CPP, Pricing Manager, Medtronic

Successful Pricing Implementation – Realising Pricing Power in Your OrganisationSpeaker: Mark-Daniel Rentschler, Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Measuring Pricing Performance in Your Organisation
Speaker: Mrinal Gurbaxani, Strategic Pricing Services Lead, EMEA, PROS

14:45 Breakouts

Simple Pricing: From Textbooks to Real-World Tactical ExecutionSpeaker: Daniel Golik, Vice President of Pricing, DHL Express of Europe
Customer Life Time Value and Yield Management: Execution and Best Practices
Speaker: Frederico Zornig, Managing Partner, Quantiz Pricing Solutions  

Pricing at Your Service: Avoiding the Commodity Price Trap by Introducing Value Adding Services
Speaker: Thomas Donck, Director, Deloitte Belgium

16:00 Breakouts

A Strategic Approach to Annual Price Increments for the Information Services IndustrySpeaker: Nupur Sharma, Manager, Strategic Pricing, Thomson Reuters’ Legal Business Unit

Getting Sales into the Pricing Game Speaker: Björn Willemsens, Director, Deloitte Belgium

Commercial Policy and Pricing Excellence
Speaker: Andreas von der Gathen, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Simon-Kucher & Partners

16:45 Breakouts

Pricing Process: The Next Step to Sustain Pricing Initiatives
Speaker: Roberto Bedotto, Pricing Director, Honeywell Process Solutions

Pricing and Selling is Like Surfing
Speaker: Olaf Lange, Managing Partner, Team Steffenhagen Consulting

Pricing and Big Data: Managing Millions of Prices and Discounts
Speaker: Finn Hansen, CEO, Stratinis

There's still time to register! We hope to se yout here...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In the Driver’s Seat: Getting Pricing to Fire On All Cylinders.

Who should be in control of pricing?  Sales, Marketing, or Finance?

Ernst-Jan Bouter
CEO, FirstPrice
If you ask professional pricers this question, you should expect a wide difference of opinion!
Many believe that effective pricing cannot be achieved within these departments because they lack focus, and don’t make pricing a priority. Pricing often takes the backseat to other issues, when it should be the driving force of a company.

Ernst-Jan Bouter makes the case for an independent pricing function that puts companies back in the driver’s seat.  In his keynote speech Pricing: The Third Business Skill, Bouter argues that there’s a need for an independent pricing team who will remain neutral and objective.  

Only by creating the ability to formulate sound pricing will a company be able to fire on all cylinders!  He will be sharing tips to achieve this and best practice strategies, and attendees can expect to hear:
  • What it takes to set-up a pricing function
  • The key elements of a successful change approach towards a strong pricing function
  • What a realistic and feasible path for change is
Ernst-Jan Bouter will be speaking at the 9th Annual European & Global Pricing Conference and Workshops on December 5th in Berlin, Germany. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

On the Hunt for World Class Pricing - Berlin 2013

Paul Hunt
President, Pricing Solutions
Navigating through the world of pricing in a complex global environment can be tricky for anyone, but Paul Hunt is ready to guide you through these troubled waters.

Drawing on his 20 years of pricing strategy, Paul will give examples of proven success tactics from his book World Class Pricing: The Journey (2013). His emphasis on helping companies with cultural changes in pricing is seemingly ubiquitous, but is unique to his own experiences. 

Ultimately, he will help you to consider where you are, where you want to get to, and how you are going to get there? 

Attendees can expect to hear:
  • What the journey looks like and what roadblocks to expect at each stage.
  • The dynamic between the art and science of pricing and how they are both critical elements of the journey.
  • How to keep the gains made and why some companies slip backwards, and the payoffs and pitfalls to expect along the way.
Paul Hunt will be leading the keynote The Journey to World Class Pricing on December 5 at the PPS 9th Annual European & Global Conference and Workshop in Berlin, Germany. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Gift of Pricing Experience to You: Enjoy the Peak of Knowledge in a One Day Summit!

If you had the opportunity to peek into the minds of your mentors, would you take it?
What if you could spend the day acquiring best practices and tips for the present, and the future? 

The Global Pricing for Executives Summit on December 4th in Berlin is our gift to you, tied up with a bow. To be given the gift of accumulating so much knowledge in one day is a rarity, to find it so readily available is another.

All attendees will explore:
  • Barriers to Implementing Value Based Pricing-overcoming pricing barriers with specific strategies from DuPont’s Victoria Mascaray Marti.
  • Running Successful Pricing Projects: Lesson’s Learned-how to include pricing in an organizational setup and management structure in fast growing business by Marten Hedberg of Assa Abloy Entrance Systems. 
  • Unlocking the Power of Pack Price: An Occasion Centric Approach-utilizing pack price at ideation stage with Ricardo Cuellar of Pepsico MEA. 
  • The Rules Behind Pricing Effectiveness-identifying the 3 Pricing Rules: Set+Connect+Learn with Manu Carricano of EADA Pricing Center
  • The Application of Pricing Within a Global Matrix Environment-how your brand, product, and costs impact pricing into new markets with Anthony Mak of Telstra Global. 
This exciting day will complete with a Q & A opportunity at the Executive Summit Presenters Panel. 

It’s not too late to register! 



Monday, November 11, 2013

On the Cutting Edge: Pricing 3.0 and the Effects of Behavioral Psychology

If pricing is the science of numbers, then Behavioral Pricing certainly illustrates the humanistic element of unpredictability in the equation. 

The future of pricing has evolved past the 1.0 and 2.0 stages, Enrico Trevisan of Simon-Kucher & Partners will share some cutting edge thinking from Pricing 3.0.  Drawing on Nobel-prize winning research, attendees will learn:

Enrico Trevisan, Ph.D., Partner,
Simon-Kucher & Partners

  • Behavioral pricing theory builds on many ways of predictably irrational consumer behavior, but what does this mean for practitioners who create products and services, make pricing decisions, and define marketing plans?
  • How can we leverage customer psychology through the anchoring effect, the endowment effect, product framing, value plus vs. value minus, risk aversion, and decoy tactics?
  • How a framework around brand identity, positioning, and related pricing tactics can help to identify the best behavioral tactics. 
Enrico Trevisan will be leading the keynote sessions with Behavioral Pricing-Practical Implications of Pricing 3.0 on December 5, 2013 at the PPS 9th Annual European & Global Conference and Workshops in Berlin, Germany

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Making Sense Of and Assigning Value to Intangible Goods

Today, Apple’s stock is $520 per share, and Google’s is $1,018 per share; two similar companies that have similar services and products.  Yet, they are worth drastically different amounts. 
How do you put a price on something that you can’t see or touch? 

What is the psychological implication of assigning value to an intangible product or service? 

The answers to these questions will be revealed in Leigh Caldwell’s workshop Pricing the Intangible, focusing on behavioral economics and consumer decision making. 
In this workshop, Leigh will help attendees to determine how to calculate the right pricing for intangible goods across all industries, and in both B2B and B2C scenarios. Participants can expect to discuss:
  • The principles of behavioral economics and psychological pricing, and how to apply them at an advanced level, to create intangible products,
  • The twelve sources of intangible value and the formula for calculating the right price,
  • How to add invisible benefits to your existing products and services to create demand and increase willingness to pay,
  • The secret of how intangible products give meaning to your customers’ lives.
Leigh Caldwell will be leading the workshop Pricing the Intangible at the PPS 9th Annual European & Global Conference and Workshops in Berlin, Germany in December