Friday, May 29, 2015

Diana Zuzek, Former Chief Pricing Officer at 3M launches Beanstalk Revenue Management

Diana Zuzek has announced the launch of Beanstalk Revenue Management. The company will focus on helping businesses prosper and thrive through the development of detailed marketing and pricing strategies.

"Many businesses are facing deflating revenues, thinning margins, volume losses, and stiffer competition," explained Zuzek. "We identify the root cause of the symptoms our clients are facing, and then build and execute a plan to maximize profits."

Having successfully tackled marketing and pricing related challenges across a diverse range of geographies and industries, the experts at Beanstalk Revenue Management offer rich expertise and insight into the challenges that companies encounter. Real-world business experience enables the team to tailor solutions to the practical realities that businesses face.   "We are eager to help other companies deliver profitable results through pragmatic, actionable marketing and pricing strategies," said Zuzek. "In a global economy, the size of your beanstalk (or profit) does matter. Whether you are a million-dollar company or a multi-billion dollar company, gaining insight into marketing performance and price leakage is critical to survive in an ever-changing competitive market."

The team has a reputable track record of uncovering profit opportunities, defining solid strategies, and developing the infrastructure central to ensuring sustainable growth. "Our extensive expertise," explained Zuzek, "has been developed across the globe in a diverse range of industries, including industrial, safety, healthcare, transportation, consumer, energy, and electronics."

Expanding on her organization's capabilities, Zuzek said, "With more than 25 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, key account management, supply chain, business operations, and infrastructure, we bring a rounded, results-oriented approach to the profit challenges we help our clients overcome."

About Beanstalk Revenue Management

Headquartered in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Beanstalk Revenue Management leads businesses through a framework to develop, strengthen, and deliver tailored marketing strategies. The components include:
  • Business strategies and objectives
  • Transactional price optimization
  • Customer value and key buying drivers
  • Product and customer mix management
  • Price strategy definition
  • Competitive factors and trends
  • Business partner engagement
  • Infrastructure and governance

With a rich understanding of these components, Beanstalk Revenue Management works alongside clients to identify profit opportunity and develop an underlying infrastructure to sustain results for years to come.

Giving Back

At Beanstalk Revenue Management, we're truly passionate about helping others. This passion extends beyond typical business environments. We are excited to donate a portion of our profits and time to local non-profits serving people in need in our city and around the world.


For more information, visit, email, or call 651-356-8148.

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