Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Become a Great Pricing Director

What Does It Take to Become a Great Pricing Director?
When I work with clients on pricing transformation, they often ask what skills they should look for when hiring a Pricing Director to lead the initiative.
Before I answer the question, let’s talk about what a pricing director is often charged to do:
  • Brings pricing best practices (tools, frameworks, processes, capabilities) to the organization
  • Drives mindset change
  • Gets people throughout the organization to make smarter pricing decisions
Since a Pricing Director is typically not the final decision maker nor has the rank to stop bad decisions, he or she essentially is a change agent without the power. Not an easy job indeed.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PPS Inaugural LATIN AMERICAN Pricing Workshops & Conference

Pricing: A Brazilian Perspective

Staying informed with pricing has become an essential part of how you do business in any industry. Brazil understands this concept better than anyone. There are several aspects to pricing that can often be challenging and sometimes unclear.

The Professional Pricing Society is here to help. We will hold our Inaugural Pricing Conference in  São Paulo, Brazil on 27-28 August 2014 where Frederico Zornig will be speaking on the Brazilian Pricing Perspective to give you his incredible insight on the topic.

Mr. Zornig has over 25 years of pricing experience in Brazil and across the globe. As a Brazilian native he understands what works in Brazil and how different local and regional conditions can affect pricing.
 Attendees will learn:
  • What is working in Brazil and what is not in pricing
  • Key challenges for local pricing implementation
  • Overview of business conditions in Brazil and how they affect pricing decisions