Monday, November 1, 2010

Zilliant Named An Innovative Software Company To Watch for 2010

Another exciting announcement from PPS Member Company Zilliant:

Zilliant Named An Innovative Software Company To Watch for 2010

Leading market research firm recognizes Zilliant’s price optimization technology as a visionary information access solution

Austin, TX – October 5, 2010 – Zilliant, the leading provider of price optimization and margin management solutions for B2B manufacturers, distributors, high-tech, and industrial service companies, today announced the company was named as a recipient of IDC’s Innovative Information Access Companies To Watch Under $100M1. Zilliant is recognized for their technology’s ability to help sales teams improve decision processes by providing pricing guidance directly to the point-of-sale.

"Smart pricing is one of the most potent competitive strategies a business can deploy in today's intelligent economy," the IDC report highlighted. "[Zilliant’s] software-as-a-service offering provides pricing guidance to sales professionals at the point of a deal negotiation...and drives measurable improvement in performance."

“It is an honor for Zilliant’s technology to be receive this award from IDC—especially with their commitment to recognize companies that have demonstrated real-world customer benefit,” said Rafe VanDenBerg, vice president of strategic marketing at Zilliant. “Numerous in-market validation studies conducted over the past five years have consistently demonstrated that our pricing science and technology helps companies win more sales at higher margins.”

Zilliant's Margin Maximizer optimizes prices, reduces risk in the marketplace, minimizes over-discounting in the field, and drives dramatic improvements to operating margins. As the only B2B solution capable of calculating accurate, segment-level price sensitivities from readily-available transaction data, Margin Maximizer is proven to help businesses win sales without going too far or giving-up too much. Zilliant’s analytics solution, Margin Insight, delivers deep visibility into over-discounting patterns, quoting errors, cross-selling opportunities, off-invoice margin erosion, and cost-to-serve variances.

IDC’s “Innovative Companies Under $100M to Watch” reports are a qualitative evaluation of a set of vendors within a specific market—they are not a stack ranking nor do they represent an exhaustive evaluation of all companies in a segment or a comparative ranking of the companies in the report. IDC solicited entries from vendors of less than $100 million that exemplify specific key trends (selected by analysts) that are driving change in a specific software market. Vendors then submitted case studies that exemplified one of the trend used as the basis for the award. These case studies were evaluated individually and independently by related market analysts across several pre-determined criteria. The teams then met to review the scores. The case studies submitted for review had to demonstrate that the technology was available, able to be implemented and provided real-world benefits to the customer.

Zilliant has been recognized in the Manufacturing Business Technology Top 40, S&DCE 100, Red Herring 100, Red Herring 200, Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50, and the prestigious Deloitte Texas Technology Top 50.

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