Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pricing: Transforming Organizations and Fostering Change - By Kevin Mitchell

Rolling into 2013, as is often the case, we find ourselves thinking about important changes that have occurred throughout the year. Reflecting on the macro can widen our perspective, and as we reflect on the year we tend to reassess our personal and professional roles and roadmaps.

We recently featured the macro findings of one of our experts, the newly minted Ph.D. Stephan Liozu. Congratulations to Stephan for staying on the road to academic achievement and in doing so, expanding formal research into the role of pricers within the business organization. We all benefit when what we do is delineated, codified and quantified…

Stephan’s recent study titled “Survey on Organizational Change Capacity in Pricing” was compiled with assistance of over one thousand Pricing Society members. It reveals what many of us have witnessed but not always measured; that true pricing excellence transforms organizations.

Interestingly, the survey found that a vast majority of pricing professionals already have attended programs relating to change management. In fact, 73 percent of respondents indicated that they had already attended a dedicated formal program relating to change management at the corporate or university level.

For example, moving from a cost-basis to a value-basis is a huge shift in the DNA of the corporate structure. When total organization mobilization occurs, pricers will find the entire curriculum of their job changes with it. Pricers have to be ready to present to the entire company or C-suite, as well as collaborate more globally and persuasively on key concepts.
This engagement, while sometimes sink or swim, forces pricers to be included as leaders and change agents. When the unit of measurement is an entire organization, properly empowered pricers will deliver change by working in teams of skilled pros on revenue management, data analytics, business analysts and, yes, pricing.

Additional and counterintuitive…

It is surprising to note that the dimension of “innovation culture” was ranked by pricers in only seventh place in the “8 Dimensions of Organization Change Capacity” examined in the survey. This could indicate that change can still happen without necessarily having an innovative culture. With capable champions leading the charge, organizations can adapt and change with or without innovation leaders.

In the case of the change-educated pricing professional, this indicates that while pricing excellence doesn’t always have to include wide reaching corporate change, overall change theory is well understood and valued by a majority of pricing pros. When large-scale change is implemented, educated pricers can share the responsibility directly with company leadership to set the stage for successful implementation.

Overall, the executive summary of the report is a must-read with many interesting nuances and findings. And as we move into 2013, it gives us food for thought that can inspire us to take that high road, showing that pricers can in fact be change agents.

Good to reflect on the macro while focusing on the micro.

Kevin Mitchell
Professional Pricing Society

Friday, January 25, 2013

Official Program Release - PPS Spring Pricing Conference San Francisco - 2013


It is our honor to officially release the program for the 24th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference to be held in San Francisco, CA from April 30th to May 3rd, 2013.

The 4-day conference program includes:

Two 2-Day Workshops
Twelve 1-Day Workshops
Post-Workshop Reception
Six Keynote Speakers
Conference Reception
Three Breakout Tracks with
Eighteen Different Sessions

PRICING Strategies for Today's World is happening in San Francisco
 Join us!